100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 11 Walkthrough

By | December 4, 2012

Help for mission 11 : the safe
Eliminate any resistance and gain access to the contents of the safe
solution how to pass level 4 is available here

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 11 Walkthrough
click on the table for these items :
a handle (drill part)
small glass bottle
a long drill (drill part)
metal key

then open the box next to the table for :
a plastic handled screwdriver
shoulder stock for hand drill (drill part)

click the corner side of this room for main body of a hand drill (drill part)
now click the ladder to get pair of pliers with red handles, if you look up it’s locked and it’ll be your way out
use the screwdriver to open the AC and click to zoom and get a chain (drill part)


go to left room and open the aid box using key
get a doctors stethoscope and a hypodermic needle
combine needle + box to get a syringe with poison
use it on security
take a pack of sugar free gum on his pants pocket then take the glasses and combine with the pliers
now combine the glasses with gum to make a magnifying glass

click the door next to the aid box and get a crank (drill part)
combine all 6 part of drill
zoom in the safe and use the stethoscope on the right side of the door side and drill on the left side
use the glasses on the left hole that you drill

move the button to left and right until you hear 4 clicks, if you see error message then repeat it again
go inside vault and click on the table for metal key and a hint blue 58
zoom in the locker on bottom right and use hand drill + screwdriver on the keyhole
take a clipboard containing classified documents
now go back to the ladder and use the key to exit !

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  1. Suresh Menon

    Moving the button left and right on the safe keeps on giving me error messages. I’m hearing the 4 clicks alright…

    Ran out of patience!!!


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