100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 15 Walkthrough

By | January 5, 2013

mission 15 : hotel 905
eliminate any resistance and gain access to the contests of the safe
solution for level 15 is to make a smoke and knock down the guard, and find where is mortimer greed

100 missions las vegas mission 15 walkthrough :
go outside the kitchen
take a wrench on the table and french fries inside fridge
if you tap on the table pipe, it’s missing a valve
go outside

look inside right room
between the bedroom there’s a small table, get a password from book and candle
tap on the far bed and remove the blanket
open the suitcase with code 178 and get ink

go into the bathroom to get a bottle of whiskey on right shelf and wax on left
inside toilet use the wrench to pull out the red valve
go outside

back to the table before entering kitchen
place the valve on the right pipe


inside the kitchen get the dripping pan on left
zoom the stove and plave the colors to the correct places :
top left : blue
top right : red
bottom left : yellow
bottom right : green
place the pan on stove then put fries and whiskey

tap the vent above stove to close and make the smoke stucked
go outside the corridor and use the whiskey bottle to the guard
back to kitchen to open the vent and make the smoke disappear

click the clock on right wall and get a battery
go outside to click the guard for a plastic card
use this item to open the door that he guard on

press the left painting to reveal a secret note
it’s missing some pages
to reveal the writing combine these items :
wax and notebook
notebook and ink

click the table and tap on the answering machine
put on the battery to make it work
after you see the message, there’s a new name came up : miguel
go outside

click left room to the guard and tap the door to escape

next : mission 16

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