Swift Adventure Walkthrough

Help jerry swift, racer, mechanic and adventure junky to get a new cheverolet camaro ’67 car from parking lot in mexico.
a new “escape the room” type of game by MPI Games

swift adventure walkthrough
if you go to the area with fence, there’s 1 car that you can’t click because “big brother is watching, i’ll have to turn this camera off to get close to the car”
so click on the building where you can see the advertising ripped off, go inside the room by clicking the clock

go to right and get the missing part from advertising
get inside the office room and get the key
it’s the key to the left room
click on the monitor and press on the middle bottom screen to turn off the cctv

go outside to the left door
while the secretary around, you’re stuck
the only way you can make her leave is to call her out

go outside the building and connect the advertising paper
you can see “esteban’s workshop tel. +52-744-33-17-68″
back to the office room and click the telephone number, you will see this conversation :
- hello ! esteban brothers workshop
+ how can i be of assistance?
- hello, is this magdalena ?
+ this is chief samson with fire rescue, your house has set on fire and we need you here as soon as possible
- Jesus-Maria ! i am on my way now
The path through reception is clear now.

go to left room and the secretary will gone by now, click the paper on table to get a plastic key
open the door and get the screwdriver, go to garage on next room
tap the 4 tires and place it on the black car

now find license plate and car key
go outside to the parking loot and go to the fence
click on the paper board double click to get a pair of staples, inside inventory click it again to make a lock picking tool
select screwdriver then press on the red car so you can get the license plate

back inside the building
click the crate and use the lock picking tool to open it
choose the black key

go to garage click on the green panel and open the car

100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 17 Walkthrough

mission 17 : gambling hall
find miguel and gain the “trojan horse” file
on this level you need to create weapon and card to enter the room with miguel
to escape you can finish it on the bar

100 missions las vegas mission 17 walkthrough
go left twice, then right
click on the poker table to get a regular bar napkin with some numbers on it : 2794
open the door using this password code

get a some ordinary key and few tokens on table
turn on the bar switch on

go back outside, on the middle room you can see miguel is inside
to pin him down you need a pass card and some kind of weapon

click the left door using key
go inside to the left to the bar
get bar towel and bottle

back to the room with switch
turn on the switch on poker room

back to main room and this time click the right side
tap on the table on poker room
get a plastic credit card

back to the room with switch
turn on the light on slot machine
go outside and click the slot machine on right
put the coin inside and play, you will get 3 snakes
change them into bird to get gold coins

back to 1st place with soda machine :
click the left one and put in the coin
you’ll get another lighter in your endless journey
click the middle one and put in the coin
you’ll get a quick chocolate snack

go to main room, time to meet miguel
double click the chocolate to get a foil
combine credit card with foil to get a foiled plastic card : my membership card to vip hall
combine towel and bottle to get molotov cocktail : explosive mix
combine molotov with lighter

open the middle door using card
click the molotov and use it to the door
press miguel and get a file with secret documents : finally, miguel’s dirty secrets are mine !

go out to the bar and exit

see you on mission 18

100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 16 Walkthrough

mission 16 : swimming pool
i have to find out who miguel is and what business he has with greed
hint solution for level 16 is to get an evidence what happened to greed and escape from the secret room

100 missions las vegas mission 16 walkthrough
click on the left lockers, there’s a locked greed locker
open the rest of 3 lockers and find a different towels

tap the door and put the towels on the wet floor
go inside the swimming pool where you will find greed “swimming”
he’s dead alright..
if you click on him there’s a gun, but you won’t be able to reach it

tap on the left side and turn on the light with switch
get the steel tray on the table

tap on the right side and turn on the light with switch
click the jacket to get a greed locker key
back and open the locker to find a plan of this hotels pool with some secret area
use it to find a secret door on right side the swimming pool

go inside to get a scoop net
back to pool and click greed then use the net to get the gun
back to the locker on right side, open the lock using the gun
get a key inside

go to the secret area
use the tray to open the door
connect the wires on left to turn on the security computer
slide all the switch on the table to turn on the monitor

get the cd on table and use it on computer to copy the video
escape the room using the key on the door

next : mission 17

100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 15 Walkthrough

mission 15 : hotel 905
eliminate any resistance and gain access to the contests of the safe
solution for level 15 is to make a smoke and knock down the guard, and find where is mortimer greed

100 missions las vegas mission 15 walkthrough :
go outside the kitchen
take a wrench on the table and french fries inside fridge
if you tap on the table pipe, it’s missing a valve
go outside

look inside right room
between the bedroom there’s a small table, get a password from book and candle
tap on the far bed and remove the blanket
open the suitcase with code 178 and get ink

go into the bathroom to get a bottle of whiskey on right shelf and wax on left
inside toilet use the wrench to pull out the red valve
go outside

back to the table before entering kitchen
place the valve on the right pipe


inside the kitchen get the dripping pan on left
zoom the stove and plave the colors to the correct places :
top left : blue
top right : red
bottom left : yellow
bottom right : green
place the pan on stove then put fries and whiskey

tap the vent above stove to close and make the smoke stucked
go outside the corridor and use the whiskey bottle to the guard
back to kitchen to open the vent and make the smoke disappear

click the clock on right wall and get a battery
go outside to click the guard for a plastic card
use this item to open the door that he guard on

press the left painting to reveal a secret note
it’s missing some pages
to reveal the writing combine these items :
wax and notebook
notebook and ink

click the table and tap on the answering machine
put on the battery to make it work
after you see the message, there’s a new name came up : miguel
go outside

click left room to the guard and tap the door to escape

next : mission 16

100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 14 Walkthrough

mission 14 : trough the corridor
make your way through the maze of hotel rooms
the solution for level 14 is to find where mortimer greed stay on which room, if you don’t find a key then find a way to break the wall !

100 missions las vegas mission 14 walkthrough :
tap the cart to get 3 items :
- door key
- tea kettle
- white tray

open right door room with the key that you just found
go inside to the right and click the right sofa
in zoom in mode get a bat behind sofa and a key on the sofa
use bat to break the cabinet (bottom right side)
there’s a safe that you need to open with numbers
go outside

look the note on the left door, it said that peter oakright is on room 907
open the door 908 with the key from couch
enter the room and click left side of the bed for a rag on floor
go outside

go inside the right room and this time go left to the bathroom
put the rag on the sink hole, and tea kettle on the sink
in the mirror there are 4 numbers :

open the right door using the key
go right and zoom in the plant to pick up hard metal baseball bat and door key for 908

go outside and use the key to open room 908 door
click left side of bed and get a rag

back to the other room, this time go to the bathroom
place the rag on sink hole, select the tea kettle and tap the sink
there will be steam and see code on mirror : 1573
open the safe with this code
click on the note and find out that :
mortimer greed is on room 905 and peter oakright already checked out yesterday
so the room is empty !
go outside

go inside room 908 and use the bat to break the right wall
it’s room 907 with the key on outside
put the white tray under the door then place the key for 908 into the keyhole
a new key will drop on the tray
pick it up and open the door 907

go to mission 15

100 Missions Las Vegas Mission 13 Walkthrough

Mission 13 : The Office
find out about car-smuggler and break out of the office.
Read all the help solution to open each door code here
the hints are : find a finger print to open the main door, deactivate the laser and find axe to break the lock

100 missions las vegas mission 13 walkthrough
tap 2 items on table : lucky strike cigarette and a staple invisible tool of sabotage and lock picking
click the black chair on left to get a key
click the plant on the corner to get a square key


use the square key to unlock one of the door in other view
inside the room that you open, find a ladder on right and a note inside trash can
find a pattern on the note to get a door code : 161
go outside

look for door door with keypanel next to it and enter the code
notice there’s a fire axe in this room
but for now take these items :
glove on right shelf, lighter inside white coat, light bulb and spray bottle on left
go outside

look for a door that you can open without key, it’s a dark room
place bulb on the table lamp to make this room bright
take scissors on desk and tape on the shelf
use the key from black chair to open the drawer and get a glass with fingerprints

time to combine items :
scissors and tape
tape and glass
tape with gloves

now you have a gloves with fingerprint
go to the main door with fingerprint panel and use the gloves on it
select spray bottle to reveal the 4 lasers
double click the paper clip to make a lock picking tool, next use it on the right panel

the fire exit door is locked, and you must use the fire axe
in order to open the fire axe you must turn on the fire alarm

so put the ladder on in front of the fire exit door
combine cigarette and lighter then use it on the ceiling
back to the room with axe, and get it
use the axe to open the fire exit door

next to mission 14

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 12 Walkthrough

Step by step help to pass mission 12 : the heliport
Eliminate any resistance and gain access to the contents of the safe
Read complete solution to pass level 5 below :

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 12 Walkthrough
tap chocolate thing, it’s a dirty and round stone that you see on floor
go to left and break the glass, get he heavy iron axe on a wooden saft
use the axe to break the door, go inside and take :
- rope from mannequin
- a small metal screw on shelf

put the metal screw on the generator right to where you got axe
it’s missing another one, look for it !
go to the right to upstairs and get another small metal screw
put it on the generator, now to to far right
the dark area will be light get a grapling hook above the barrels
combine the rope with grappling hook so it tied
use it to climb on back of helicopter
take another long and sturdy rope
use it on security and get a metal key from his pocket

open the helicopter door and get a backpack containing deployable parachute
and a small, but very sticky roll of electrical tape
use the tape on the guard

now get ready to jump ! go back to the first room where you can see a view of outside
and click to jump !

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 11 Walkthrough

Help for mission 11 : the safe
Eliminate any resistance and gain access to the contents of the safe
solution how to pass level 4 is available here

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 11 Walkthrough
click on the table for these items :
a handle (drill part)
small glass bottle
a long drill (drill part)
metal key

then open the box next to the table for :
a plastic handled screwdriver
shoulder stock for hand drill (drill part)

click the corner side of this room for main body of a hand drill (drill part)
now click the ladder to get pair of pliers with red handles, if you look up it’s locked and it’ll be your way out
use the screwdriver to open the AC and click to zoom and get a chain (drill part)


go to left room and open the aid box using key
get a doctors stethoscope and a hypodermic needle
combine needle + box to get a syringe with poison
use it on security
take a pack of sugar free gum on his pants pocket then take the glasses and combine with the pliers
now combine the glasses with gum to make a magnifying glass

click the door next to the aid box and get a crank (drill part)
combine all 6 part of drill
zoom in the safe and use the stethoscope on the right side of the door side and drill on the left side
use the glasses on the left hole that you drill

move the button to left and right until you hear 4 clicks, if you see error message then repeat it again
go inside vault and click on the table for metal key and a hint blue 58
zoom in the locker on bottom right and use hand drill + screwdriver on the keyhole
take a clipboard containing classified documents
now go back to the ladder and use the key to exit !

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 10 Walkthrough

Solution for Mission 10 : The Search
Find a new way to infiltrate the safe room and hurry before security closes in !
You’re inside the room and need an authorized finger print to get out, find some tools and get it from the cup on table !
step by step help guide for level 3 answer is available below :

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 10 Walkthrough
get a black and gold side table on the left
on the left to the door there’s a safe box find a code number, also get a roll of transparent tape
look inside bathroom and click the black machine on right, click to plug in and turn on the heater
go to the mirror then click the faucet to see some numbers : 4728
click the pliers near the sink
go out back to the safe box and enter the number you just found
get a knife inside

now go to the right until you see bed
use the knife to cut out, and use pliers to cut the metal spring
click the aquarium and open the top
use the metal spring to get the small key
then find a screwdriver under the carpet, use metal spring to get it too

go to the bathroom again
look for the box on the right drawer, use the key to open and get small beauty kit
now that you found brush and powder go to the room with table + phone on it
see the glass near it ? use the beauty kit on it, you’ll see a finger print now
use the transparent tape to get the finger print, and go to the door to use it

get inside the room
put the table under the ventilation and use screwdriver to open !
get out and go to mission 11 !

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 9 Walkthrough

Mission 9 : The Office
Find the lift, eliminate any resistance and make your way towards the safe room
You must eliminate the guards by searching for a gun with silencer
Read the help solution for level 2 here :

100 Missions Tower Heist Mission 9 Walkthrough
tap the shelf on right side and get a woman statue under the red dragon
go to right and click on the table to pick a pencil and remote control
go right to click on the clock on wall to get it
go right to the desk office and use pencil to the note, it will reveal a code number : 1745

go left and tap the left painting to reveal a secret safe, input the code to open
get a paper and swiss army knife (this item can be changed by clicking twice, inside your inventory)

now select swiss army knife and tap until you get a screwdriver
combine it with the clock to get a battery
combine remote with battery

use the remote to open the curtain behind the office table
tap the window glass , and select the paper to click on it
it will reveal a map where the secret safe is

go behind the office desk to see a printer
click the swiss army until you get a knife
use it to cut the extension cord of the printer

go back to the front side of office desk, under the table you can see a CPU
select the extension cord to the missing wire part so you can plug it in
press the CPU to eject a CD and take it

back to zoom out mode where you open the curtain with remote
tap on the bottom right wall, it’s the position where the secret safe is
now it will be in zoom in mode
use the woman statue to break the wall
it’s a missing number on the circle, so place the CD to the spot
the code is 4853

open the safe and get a key and gun
back to the shelf and click the left side, there’s a small treasure box
use key to open and get the silencer, combine it with the gun

select the gun and use it to the guards near door, press the elevator and escape !

continue to mission 10